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Welcome all! We are Avalon+ and by we...well, there's only two of us. There's myself, :iconouja-ha-rippa: and :iconxxtsuna27xx:, no one else! And I don't think we plan on having anyone else join us > < we'll have to talk about that.

So, Avalon+ is a group of two girls who have teamed together to create Yaoi Boy-Love Games/Visual Novels/Otome Games, whatever you want to call it. I come up with the main ideas and the wacky plot twisters and suggestions to the storylines. :iconxxtsuna27xx: is the one that's doing all the pretty drawings you all love and composing the music for our games!

We will be, basically, making games for original ideas we come up with and also games for fandoms too~ all the games we make will be inspired by roleplaying and my insane creativity.

Our first Boy Love Otome Game we're working on is a project called 'A.W.E.S.O.M.E'. It's an original idea that I originally came up with for a novel idea, but has now become a yaoi boy love visual novel =w=. Hopefully you'll follow us through his progress!

©Avalon+ for all original Visual Novel ideas. All rights reserved.

©To all original creators of any fandoms we make a Visual Novel for.

Our disclaim for creating these Visual Novels for fandoms is that it's all non-profit and we do not earn any money for what we create. All ideas, music and art provided within these games however belong to us.
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Submitted on
May 16, 2011